Tao of Chinese Tea: A Cultural and Practical Guide

firefox【 作 者 】Yun, Ling
【 語 文 】英文
【 出 版 社 】Penguin Group USA
【 出 版 日 期 】2009/10/1
【 裝 訂 】平裝
【 價 格 】593
【 ISBN 】9781606520505

【 簡 介 】
Written by a top Chinese tea master, a guide with over two hundred full-color photos and illustrations looks at the evolution of tea through the ages and includes information on the most popular Chinese teas, how to select them, the utensils used for brewing and presenting, tea philosophy, and more.

茶席︰曼茶羅識茶‧泡茶‧品茶︰茶隱老楊說茶道喝茶的智慧︰養生養心中國茶圖解茶經︰認識中國茶道正宗(超值白金版)問茶 ...... 更多