Chinese Tea

firefox【 作 者 】Yun, Ling
【 語 文 】英文
【 出 版 社 】Tuttle Pub
【 出 版 日 期 】2010/9/10
【 裝 訂 】精裝
【 價 格 】523
【 ISBN 】9781602201064

【 簡 介 】
An excellent companion for those who have an interest in Chinese tea and its rich traditions. Learn about the history of Chinese tea, the 10 most popular Chinese teas and the Oriental philosophies and wisdom behind drinking tea. This book introduces the delicately crafted art of the tea ceremony, and the etiquette of drinking tea at a traditional tea house. It also teaches the reader how to prepare Chinese tea at home, along with touching upon the health benefits of tea.

茶席︰曼茶羅識茶‧泡茶‧品茶︰茶隱老楊說茶道喝茶的智慧︰養生養心中國茶圖解茶經︰認識中國茶道正宗(超值白金版)問茶 ...... 更多