A Tea Lover’s Travel Diary

firefox【 作 者 】Chen, Jason C. S./ Cohen, D. Major (FRW)/ Pratt, James Norwood (INT)
【 語 文 】英文
【 出 版 社 】Cardinal Pub Group
【 出 版 日 期 】2010/11/1
【 裝 訂 】平裝
【 價 格 】875
【 ISBN 】9780982654002

【 簡 介 】
Chinese Tea Master Jason C.S. Chen has spent the past 21 years deeply involved in the business of tea. He has visited most of the best known tea gardens in China where authentic and traditional tea is grown. During these trips he has always had his camera at his side. This first book in a series focuses on two famous oolong teas. Phoenix Single Bush was first created 900 years ago from tea plants that only grow on one mountain in Southern China. Tie Kuan Yin is the most popular oolong tea in the world. It was created 400 years ago, and, at one time, the name Tie Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess of Compassion) was synonymous with "tea." This book is a photographic exploration of the creation of these two teas from harvest to processing and the first tasting.

茶席︰曼茶羅識茶‧泡茶‧品茶︰茶隱老楊說茶道喝茶的智慧︰養生養心中國茶圖解茶經︰認識中國茶道正宗(超值白金版)問茶 ...... 更多